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Personal Injury FAQs

  • What should I do after my accident?

    You should focus on getting the necessary medical care that you need so that you can get back to the way that you were. When you sustain serious injuries, it is important to get the best care available. From emergency room visits to massage therapy to pain management to surgery, everyone’s injuries are different. Let our team handle the burden of investigation and legal work while you focus on recovery.

  • What about my lost wages and travel expenses?

    When you have suffered an injury, it might take some time to get back to work. Also, in order to get the best medical care, you will have to travel to the best medical providers. Our legal team has the knowledge, training, and experience to ensure the best recovery of these lost wages, time, and expense.

  • What about my family?

    In Georgia, when you’ve been injured, your spouse also has a right of action called loss of consortium. That is because when you husband or wife has been injured, the other spouse has to pick up the slack and assist their loved ones while they are recovering. Our legal team has the knowledge and experience to best present you loved one’s claim if you’ve been injured.

  • Why is the insurance company denying my claim?

    Insurance companies obtain profit by denying claims. It is only when you can legally prove liability for your injuries that your case will be taken seriously. The Law Office of Johnny Phillips has extensive experience in evidence gathering, investigation, and knowledge of the law in order to best present legally admissible evidence so that your case won’t be denied.

  • Should I wait to hear from the insurance company before consulting a lawyer?

    Evidence and witnesses disappear. After you have sustained an injury, it is important that evidence and witness statements are obtained before time runs out. Let our legal team focus on gathering the evidence and building your case while you focus on recovery.

  • How long do I have after an accident to file a lawsuit?

    In Georgia, the statute of limitations for a personal injury action is two years from the date of the injury. It is imperative that you have an excellent legal team who is prepared to represent you not only after your accident, but can file your lawsuit within this time period.

  • Why should I choose the Law Office of Johnny Phillips?

    Our clients have contact with our Coweta County personal injury attorneys—morning, evening, and night. Put our dedication to work for you. From the first day of representation until the last, whether this takes months or longer, our team will never stop fighting for you.

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